Ep. 301: Incredible Advice for Growing on YouTube (with Cody Askins)

Tips to Get More Views on YouTube

Who should listen: Anyone who wants to receive massive attention on YouTube.

Key idea: You can use YouTube to bring enormous attention to your brand.

Action items: 1) Shoot an introductory video. 2) Repurpose it on social media. 3) Starting out, commit to creating one video a week.

For good reason, we’ve been encouraging our listeners and the readers of our blog to shoot videos and post them on their websites and social media as a way of boosting their brand recognition, connecting with their audiences, promoting trust, and generating leads. This week’s returning guest, Cody Askins, joins us to discuss the success he’s had with video, and, specifically, to share tips to get more views on YouTube.

YouTube for small business

YouTube is a phenomenon in and of itself. Owned by Google, it’s among the world’s most popular video platforms. In the US alone, the number of viewers is expected to reach 210 million by 2022. Viewers around the world have spent a billion hours watching videos every day about beauty, sports, music, gaming, DIY projects, comedy, and more.

Beyond its entertainment value, YouTube is also a burgeoning channel for marketers wanting to promote their brands and sell their products and services. While blogs, white papers, podcasts, and social media are essential, it’s not difficult to understand how YouTube videos engage people like no other channel.

Video is so attractive, versatile, and accessible that 82% of all consumer internet traffic is projected to be video by 2022. And, according to the Google Ads & Commerce Blog, 70% of people report they bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.

But for real estate agents, independent financial advisors, insurance brokers, lawyers, or other small business owners who need tips for starting a YouTube channel or who are trying to increase views on YouTube, such a massive platform creates a tremendous challenge. How do you rise above all that noise?

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don’t even try. Despite the obvious and growing prominence of video, only 9% of US small businesses are using YouTube. Consider that from 1997–2000 YouTube paid $30 BILLION to creators, the lost earnings opportunities of the other 91% of small businesses are staggering.

If you want a slice of that ginormous pie, then be sure to listen to Cody’s interview. In only 28 days, his YouTube channel garnered:

  • 24,000 hours of viewing time
  • 2,500 new subscribers
  • $8,000 from YouTube monetization

Below are just 3 of Cody’s many tips to increase views on YouTube that can help you to make up some ground quickly and start growing a massive audience.

Tips for increasing YouTube views

Tip 1. One of the first things you can do to increase the number of views of your YouTube videos is to remember YouTube is not just a viewing platform; it’s also the world’s second most popular search engine with “how-to” videos ranking as the third most popular type of content. If you want more views, create content that gives viewers step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish a task.

Tip 2. Another easy improvement to your YouTube channel is to create an appealing thumbnail. Cody’s tips for YouTube thumbnails include:

  • Use as much space as possible for your headshot.
  • Make sure you have a big expression. (Cody suggests showing the white in your eyes.)
  • Ensure your caption grabs attention and is written in big text.
  • Apply a clean, clear background.

Tip 3. Among his YouTube title tips, Cody advises people he coaches to search YouTube for videos about the topic you want to post. Find the most popular video and then use that title. Given it’s already got the most views, you know it works. This tip had us asking ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Cody offers additional suggestions for improving your YouTube channel, including how to drive traffic from YouTube to your website and, eventually, to an offline conversation; how long your ideal video should be; and how often to post videos.

Please enjoy this episode, and we’d appreciate it if you would leave a comment on YouTube.


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