5 Irresistible Tactics That Get Real Estate Leads to Respond

Feeling Ghosted by Leads Who Once Seemed Keen? 5 Tactics to Reconnect

Equip yourself with these five powerful lead follow-up tactics that turn cold shoulders into conversions.

We all know following up is crucial, but let’s face it—when you chase leads who’ve gone inexplicably silent after expressing interest, it’s enormously frustrating. In fact, it can be enough to make even the most persistent salesperson want to throw in the towel.


But fear not! In today’s Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we’re breaking down five powerful tactics for reigniting communication with elusive leads. These strategies will help you:

  • Maintain control of the sale, even when initial attempts haven’t produced a response.
  • Maximize return-call rates using proven timing techniques taken from the secrets of call center strategists.
  • Craft a simple, industry-adaptable text that practically guarantees a reply. (Seriously, this one’s a game changer!)

Ready to turn those crickets into conversations? You’re going to want to take some notes.

And if you have a follow-up technique that’s proven effective, share it with others by leaving a comment on Apple Podcasts (along with a 5-star review). We’ll read them on air!

Thanks for listening!

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