Don’t Lose Your Motivation This Summer


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Motivation can be hard to come by when all you want to do is kick it by the pool or read a book on the beach. Sitting in the office all day doesn’t exactly have the same effect, but it doesn’t have to crush your motivation, either. Make the most of your eight-hour work day indoors with these suggestions.

Take meetings outside.

You’ve probably heard this before, but having meetings outside can do great things for your team’s morale. Whether you turn it into a walking meeting or hold it in an area with picnic tables under the cool shade, take advantage of the sunny days. If meetings are unattainable outdoors, then have group lunches or after work socials outside instead.

Continue setting goals.

Having summer goals can increase productivity and make your team more motivated to tackle company objectives. It keeps people accountable when motivation is falling flat, and makes them more willing to put in maximum effort to achieve these goals throughout the season.

Aim to be more flexible.

There’s a reason summer Friday’s are becoming more popular—they give people an incentive to work their hardest to have that end of the week reward. If working from home is feasible, that could be another incentive to offer to employees once or twice a month that would increase motivation and effort throughout the summer.

Have more events.

Everyone loves an after work happy hour, picnic, or a team bonding game night. As they say, work hard and play harder, which definitely holds true in the summer more than any other time of year. Make an effort to have more of these events to increase your team’s energy and spirit.

Break up the day.

Encourage the team to get up and move more throughout the day—whether it be hourly jumping jacks, standing instead of sitting at your desk, or taking a call to-go as you do a few laps around the parking lot. Whatever method works best, implement it more into everyday life at the office.

By putting these tips into practice this summer, motivation is sure to stay around. Continue to push yourself and your team, and watch as this season becomes one of your most productive yet.

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