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The Top 6 Questions Agents Ask About Social Media

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In this day of social-media-everything, you can’t help but wonder how a social media presence could work for your real estate business.

It’s easy to understand why that would come along with a long list of questions!

Josh Stike, CMO of ReminderMedia, is here to offer his expertise in this area. Josh’s real passion is anything relating to marketing, which of course involves social media. He has seen firsthand both the struggles and wins in the social realm concerning real estate agents along with ReminderMedia’s accounts. In other words, he has had enough experience throughout the years to be able to help you avoid some mistakes of your own!

In the below video, Stay Paid podcast producer, Arielle, asks Josh the most common questions that real estate agents have concerning social media.


1. What is a social media strategy and how should real estate agents create one?

Find this tip in the video at 0:52.

Here, Josh highlights one crucial thing that you need to identify prior to spending more resources on your social media marketing. (He also mentions two Stay Paid podcast episodes which you can reference here: Episode 287 with Matt Lionetti and Episode 257 with Shannon Gillette)

2. What is the best social media platform for real estate agents to be on?

Find this tip in the video at 3:21.

Josh gives us a run-down on which social media platforms each age and gender group is on to help you determine where to find your audience. Then, Josh & Arielle give their opinion of which platform they would prefer if they were real estate agents and why.

3. What kind of content should you be posting?

Find this tip in the video at 7:30.

Josh mentions an acronym that will help you build a framework for your future social media posts. He gives some great examples as well!

4. What suggestions do you have for agents to capture attention and “stop the scroll”?

Find this tip in the video at 11:30.

Social media is a sea of content, so how will you stand out and stop them from scrolling? It’s what everyone wants to know!

5. How should real estate agents measure success using social media?

Find this tip in the video at 14:46.

This goes back to what your goal in your social media is, but Josh gives some units of measurement for you to base your success off of. He even throws in a few easy, valuable tips for you to boost engagement!

6. How much should real estate agents spend on social media marketing?

Find this tip in the video at 17:30.

Josh gives some real life examples from agents that he has worked close with recently, with actual numbers included! He also mentions a tool that can help you track your budget and plan out what you should be spending, which you can find here.

We hope you learned a lot from Josh’s tips! If you did, then share the wealth. Share this video with you mentee or another agent you know who’s new to the industry.



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