Ep. 287: How Authenticity Made Matt Lionetti a Superstar Agent

“Broke Agent” Matt Lionetti Tells It Like It Is

(and It’s Authentically Funny!)

Who should listen: If you’re looking for inspiration for your content marketing or permission to be yourself and take a risk with what you create, then Matt Lionetti can be your guiding light.

Key idea: People want to be able to relate to you, which is all the reason you need to be authentic.

Action item: Ask yourself two questions: Am I taking enough risk with my content? and Am I creating the kind of content I want to be creating?

If you’re not familiar with Matt Lionetti, then you’ve been missing out on some great humor and even better advice about content marketing.

Matt is 25% of The Broke Agent team—a business dedicated to making real estate agents laugh and helping them grow their businesses. With the founder of The Broke Agent, Eric Simon, Matt cohosts Over Ask—a sometimes irreverent but always on-point podcast. Matt has built his real estate business on social media by marketing with humor and strongly believes in showcasing his personality as the best way to connect with his potential clients.

In today’s interview, Matt tells us how he started using humor in his marketing. As a joke and in mock rebellion against the boring content every agent was repeating, he created a video in which he played a real estate agent with an uncanny resemblance to Queen’s former lead singer, Freddie Mercury. To date, Matt credits that video with making him $95,000 in commissions.

The rest, as they say, is history.

During his interview, you’ll hear more of Matt’s story:

  • How his concerns about being “too edgy” gave way to a determination to be himself.
  • Why not being liked by everyone is okay because everyone who does like him likes him 10 times more.
  • What being authentic has done for his ability to connect with his sphere and they with him.
  • How, now that he’s moving into the luxury market, he’s discovered that “rich people like to laugh too.”

But Matt’s marketing strategy is far more sophisticated than Be funny. His videos have become a pillar of his business. He values quality over quantity because he wants to uphold a standard that his audience appreciates and can be excited about.

He still shoots a lot of his own videos using a smartphone, but he uses a videographer for his listing videos. He commits to being by his phone for at least two hours after he posts a video because that’s when the leads begin to come in. And he engages with other agents and brokers on their pages and shares their content to the benefit of all.

Listen to Matt’s interview and be inspired to be your authentic self because that is how you will connect with people and build lasting and loyal relationships. Don’t be afraid to take reasonable risks. Do what you want to do, and don’t back down from what you believe.

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