5 Tips for Being More Visible in Your Real Estate Farm

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It’s important to develop a plan of action for remaining visible to clients and potential clients in your farm. Visibility is everything, because people are more likely to use and recommend a real estate agent they know, like, and trust. Try these five tips to become more visible in your real estate farm.

Host a community event

Community events like sponsored photo sessions with Santa, real estate seminars, and happy hours give people a reason to associate value with you and your business. They also let people know how much you value your community.

Most prospects know or will bring more potential clients to the events. Don’t be shy about advertising them.

  • Put up flyers
  • Send out emails
  • Post on social media
  • Ask local businesses to put them in visible places
  • Knock on doors

The more you push the event, the more likely it is that people will remember to attend. Timing of events is important, too. Choose a time where most people aren’t working, perhaps a weekend during the day. The appropriate timing depends on the demographics of your farm.

Post to social media

The digital age demands so much of people’s time, so find a way to sneak yourself into their daily scrolls through social media. Post often on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Based on the demographics of your followers, post relevant information, interesting graphics, and reposts from other pages. Using hashtags like “#parealestateagent” or “#parealestate” draws in people looking for Pennsylvania real estate agents on social media. You might also consider paying to boost a post in your area or for people searching the hashtag you use.

Send postcards and letters

While sending postcards and newsletters costs money, you will see a return on investment if you send out quality pieces. Newsletter content should include information that grabs the reader’s attention, such as upcoming community events, recent home sales, and be sure to include your personal information somewhere prominent. Postcards need to also catch the eye of the person going through the mail. Use bold fonts, bright colors, and easy to read infographics and contact information. Try not to overload the postcard with too much content, but also don’t make it too plain.

Don’t knock door knocking

Choose a block or two in your farm each weekend and knock on doors. Introduce yourself, get to know the homeowners, and have a business card available to leave with them. If they’re not home, consider leaving a door hanger with your information. If you do get the chance to speak to someone at the door, have them write down their email so you can add them to your email list and CRM. Following up with them is crucial. A few days after, write an email to say that you enjoyed meeting them, and let them know they’re welcome to contact you for any questions they have. This will establish you as the neighborhood expert.

Signs and advertisements

We’ve all seen the real estate agent who has their face on every park bench. Some people think it does nothing, but advertising and getting your face and brand out to the public can never hurt. While it does cost money, as with the newsletters and postcards, you will see a return on your investment. Name and face recognition are crucial when trying to be visible in your farm.

Local businesses and papers will sell ads, so consider utilizing those spaces to get your name out. People check the ad section for local discount home services, so be the real estate agent they see while they’re there.

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