Your Complete Guide to Starting a Real Estate Blog

Are you at the beginning stages of developing a content marketing strategy? Do you want to add another powerful lead-generating tactic to your marketing plan? Could it be that you’re excited to share your expertise with your audience of ideal clients? All of these are supremely good reasons for starting a real estate blog. Real… Read more »


The Science of How to Be a Memorable Service Professional

Use the psychology of memory and sound relationship-marketing tactics to build long-lasting, memorable customer relationships and stay top of mind How are people going to remember you when you’re gone? Relax. I don’t mean “gone” as in “gone to a better place.” I mean “gone” as in you’ve left a conversation with someone you haven’t… Read more »

Ep. 221 Tips for Writing Your Own Copy from #1 Google Copywriter

 Be Your Own Freelance Copywriter Hiring copywriters not in your budget? These copywriting secrets and tips can help you broaden your audience and get you the attention that generates leads. As Luke says at the beginning of this week’s episode, copywriting is hard—and it is. Professional copywriters consistently spend their time learning and refining… Read more »


The Best Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Of all the types of marketing strategies out there, the one I’m about to discuss with you is easy to understand, simple to implement, and, above all, exceptionally effective. And whether you’re a real estate agent, independent financial advisor, insurance broker, roofer, landscaper, interior designer, or any other type of small business owner, you can… Read more »

The 5 Best Sources of Social Media Content for Real Estate Agents

From idea generation to completely automated solutions, these are five of the best sources real estate agents can use to boost their social media engagement. By now you know that posting content to social media is one of the most effective ways to have people know, like, and trust you. But real estate agents are… Read more »


15 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents on a Budget

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent who’s fairly new to the business, or you’re a broker who’s starting to build a team, and you’ve got to figure out how to manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget. Well, rest easy because you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got some inexpensive… Read more »

More Ways New Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads for Free

This is Part 2 in a series about lead generation for new real estate agents. You can get leads for free from more places and in more ways than you might have thought possible. This time, we go digital with Facebook. Like any new real estate agent, I remember what it was like to be… Read more »