8 Last-Minute Gratitude Ideas for Thanksgiving

Expressing Gratitude to Clients:

Gift Ideas That Leave a Lasting Impression

Letting your clients know you appreciate them is not only a kind and considerate gesture but also a powerful way to build strong relationships.

Thanksgiving is only a week away, and if you’re still looking for a way to let your clients know how much you appreciate them, we’ve got eight ideas for gifts they’ll be thrilled to receive but that won’t bust your budget. With each idea, you’ll get some tips for how you can make even the simplest gesture stand out, leaving a fond memory of your thoughtful kindness.

  1. E-gift cards: You can send your e-gift cards in an email, or you can make them a bit more personal with our valuable tips.
  2. Gift cards to local businesses: You’ll encourage reciprocity when you purchase gift cards from local business owners. Give them to your clients during a quick pop-by.
  3. Experiences: For the client who seems to have everything, an experience is the perfect solution, and we offer several popular suggestions.
  4. Homemade gifts: If you’re a crafter or want to give something from the heart, we share plans you’ll find on the American Lifestyle magazine website. (American Lifestyle is one of the four personally branded magazines that ReminderMedia, the producer of Stay Paid, makes available to clients.)
  5. Self-care gifts: Who doesn’t like to be pampered? In addition to massages and trips to the spa, we’ve got an idea you probably wouldn’t think of.
  6. Donations to charities: Making donations to your clients’ favorite charities is a win-win for everyone. You might also follow the lead of Shannon Gillette, a two-time Stay Paid guest, and invite your clients to participate in a charitable event. Shannon is and you can hear how she involves her clients in giving back in this best-of-the-best episode.
  7. Hobby-related gifts: Your database can be a gold mine of meaningful details about your clients. If you’ve been keeping notes about their interests and hobbies, consider a gift that allows them to pursue their pleasure.
  8. Video text messages: So few business owners use video text messages to communicate with their clients that you’re guaranteed to make an impression by sending videos to their phones wishing them a happy holiday. And if you don’t have a client’s number, we’ve got a work-around!

Use these ideas to connect with your clients, express your gratitude, and strengthen your relationships this Thanksgiving. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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