Ep. 467: Mastering the Art of Lead Generation

Maximizing Your Facebook Leads

Automating your Facebook-ad lead-conversion process isn’t just convenient—it can also be extremely lucrative and help you build your client base fast.

As we delved into in an earlier episode, Facebook ads are very useful for generating an endless stream of leads for your business. It’s quite easy to do—what’s difficult is knowing how to capitalize on those leads and transform them into clients.

But we’ve found the key: automation. If you automate a good portion of your lead-conversion process, you can quickly and efficiently respond to your Facebook leads to avoid having any slip through the cracks—because you’ll have more time to make sure you can reach all of them.

Our strategy for this is simple. First you’ll want to create email drips and text messages that will automatically send to any new Facebook-ad lead. This will ensure they receive some point of contact. You should also take care to customize these communications depending on lead type, focusing on content that each will respond to best. Finally, make sure you follow up by personally contacting your leads; just be careful not to wait too long and to use their preferred method.

Setting up this automation and fine-tuning your process may take some up-front work, but trust us—it’ll be well worth the effort in the end.

If you missed our previous episode on lead generation and Facebook Ads, you can check it out here: Part 1: The Best Way to Use Facebook Ads (episode 463).

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