Ep. 463: The Best Way to Use Facebook Ads

Generate All the Sales Leads You Need with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are phenomenal for generating leads, but you need to use the proper strategy.

Billions of people use Facebook monthly, making the platform a huge resource you can tap for leads—without ever having to make cold calls!

In this episode, we reveal how to create an endless stream of sales prospects by using a well-planned and targeted ad campaign on this hugely popular social media platform. The beauty of a Facebook ad campaign? You never have to pick up the phone to see results.

In this Silver Dollar episode, we reveal strategies you need to know for how to market on Facebook effectively, including:

  • Campaign format: The two types of ads that will garner you the best brand recognition and the highest-quality leads.
  • Ad content: What will get you the biggest and most favorable response from Facebook users.
  • Conversion: How to best convert your Facebook leads into sales.

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