Ep. 46: Become One with Your Community: Local Expert Tips

Have you ever come across a local professional who lacks local knowledge? Not only is it frustrating, it can deter you from using their services.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke discuss why it’s so important for service-based sales professionals to establish themselves as a local expert and how to go about doing so.

Key Points

  • Why service-based sales professionals should establish themselves as a local expert
  • Different local expert tactics
  • Why online reviews and testimonials are so important to your business

The Importance of Being a Local Expert   

While being a local expert might seem like a simple idea, it’s oftentimes one of the most overlooked aspects of business. But the reality is that people want to do business with someone who possesses local knowledge. Positioning yourself as a local expert will help prospects see that not only are you an expert in the community but also in your industry.

Ways to Become a Local Expert 

Testimonials and Online Reviews

Testimonials and online reviews are great ways to show off your local expertise and community ties. Consider utilizing platforms like Google Business and a Facebook Business Page so customers can leave a review. This will appeal to prospects who have the same pain points and are looking for a professional to move forward with.

Nowadays, online reviews matter much more than they did in the past. It gives prospects a way to sort and sift through real purchase scenarios, and see if there is something that they can relate to. However, when collecting both testimonials and online reviews, you have to make it easy for customers. Nobody is going to want to spend time trying to figure out how to leave a review. It’s better to spell it out for them. Provide the direct link to your Facebook and Google Business Page.

While asking for testimonials can be a dreaded task, you have to remember that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. You must be consistent in your efforts. However, it’s best to ask for a review right after you’ve done something nice for someone—i.e., the reciprocity effect.

Content Creation

When it comes to creating content, local content is key. Tailoring your content so it appeals to locals can help your prospects recognize you as a local expert. The local content can come in handy for people moving to the area or locals who want to know more about their community. When creating the content, consider what someone will want to learn about your community. Providing local content that your audience finds valuable will help you become viewed as an expert.

Many forgo creating local content because they believe that there is too much effort involved. However, you can take two routes—creating it yourself or curating it. When creating it yourself it’s important to take the time to plan out a schedule. Consider creating videos on Instagram, and sharing your backstory. Your audience will appreciate content that is not only original, but also personal.

For curated local content, consider subscribing to your local news. This will help to keep you informed about what’s going on around your town and makes for great content to share. Your audience will also be interested in upcoming local events and restaurant reviews.


Partnering with local influencers within the community is another great way to build your expert status. Look for partners who are related to your industry. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, consider partnering with insurance agents or landscapers. When approaching these businesses, remember to ask them how you can bring value to their business. Explain that a partnership can be mutually beneficial for both of you.

Local Sponsorships

If you’re not interested in partnering with a local business, consider either sponsoring a local sports team or getting involved with a charity. Both are great options if you want to find people who share your values. This will show your customers and prospects that you’re heavily invested in your community.

Community Events

Hosting an event is a great way to put yourself in front of the community. Whether it’s a family carnival or a picnic, events can help you build a strong community presence. Previous podcast guest Colton Lindsay hosts a large event that he plans his whole touchpoint strategy around. While it does require more effort with promotion and planning, it has helped to strengthen his community ties and position him as a local expert.

Action Items

Following the podcast, our goal is to provide you with as many actionable tips as possible. This episode includes…

  • Determine the top five most-asked-questions in your community in regards to your expertise, find the answers, and turn them into shareable content.

As always, take action on these tips!

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