Ep. 405: 3 Tips for Talking to the People in Your Sphere

Stop Thinking Like a Salesperson

Key idea: Calling people in your sphere or circle of influence is much easier when you go into the conversation thinking about the relationship and not the transaction.

Here’s something you may not have thought about before . . .

The people in your sphere or circle of influence already know and like you. (If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be a part of your sphere/circle.)

They want to know how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life.

They also want to celebrate the good things that have happened.

And they want to help when they can.

All this should make it super easy to pick up the phone and have a conversation with these people, but so many sales professionals hesitate and even avoid doing it altogether. And the reason is they have the wrong mindset.

When you stop thinking like a salesperson—going into these conversations with a transactional mindset rather than a relational mindset—both you and the people you call will enjoy the chance to catch up.

In today’s Silver Dollar episode, we share three tips for calling your sphere:

  1. Go into the conversation with the right intention. Call the people in your sphere with the sincere intention of catching up. Do not call hoping to get a lead.
  2. Have a relational conversation. When you ask people about their lives, they will naturally ask you about yours. Open up, and don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability.
  3. Remind them that their referrals are appreciated. No harm ever comes from telling someone how great they are and that you’d love to help them, or people just like them.

Listen to the episode to hear how to execute these three tips, and . . .

  • Why it is important that you reach out frequently;
  • How to start a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while; and
  • How to ask for referrals without actually asking for “a referral.”

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