Ep. 351: How to Fill Your Pipeline with Clients (with Sherri Johnson)

The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

Who should listen: Agents and other professional service providers who need a strategy that produces consistent and predictable income.

Key idea: Stay focused on filling your funnel.

Sherri Johnson, this week’s Stay Paid guest, is a coach and trainer who was an incredibly successful agent and broker until she became a national speaker with her own consulting and coaching company. She uses her experience, skills, Goldmine Pipeline strategy, and, most importantly, “sky’s the limit” mindset to accelerate the results of motivated agents.

Oh, did we mention she took 750 agents from $600M to $1.7B in just 4 years?

Yeah. She did that too.

You aren’t talking to enough people, which is why you aren’t selling more houses. It’s that simple.

Not surprisingly, Sherri’s strategy has a lot to do with her tenacity and commitment to consistently follow up and stay in touch with her respective leads and past clients.

Listening to her interview and hearing her say things like “Look at every opportunity as a lead,” “Opportunities aren’t lost; they go to someone else,” and “You have a listing appointment; you just don’t know the address yet,” you quickly understand that Sherri is a strong champion of nurturing your database of contacts to ensure future business.

But beyond the tactics of who to call, when to call, what to say, how to say it, and all the rest, Sherri is all about having a growth mindset. And she makes it clear that having the right mindset makes all the difference when it comes to who succeeds in this business and who does not.

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