Ep. 350: Luke and Josh Open Up Over a Couple of Drinks

A Q&A with the Hosts of Stay Paid

(Part 1)

Who should listen: Fans who enjoy listening to Luke and Josh and want to know their candid answers to listeners’ questions.

Key idea: There’s more—a lot more—to the Stay Paid pals than anyone could have imagined!

It’s our 350th episode, and we think it’s fair to say 350 episode is an incredible achievement. We enjoy doing something a little different on special occasions, so for this milestone we asked our listeners to send in questions they’d like to ask Luke and Josh.

We received so many questions! Some were funny while others were fairly serious, but we did our best to select a mix.

Can you guess which one of them can’t hold his liquor, sucked his thumb until he was 12, and would choose to be a carpenter as an alternative career? Do you have any ideas about the piece of advice shared in a guest interview that we’d love to implement at ReminderMedia (our producer)?

This episode was a break from our usual format, and we had a lot of fun recording it. In fact, we had so much fun that we went overtime, so we’ve broken this episode into two. Today’s Silver Dollar episode is #350. Part 2 will be released as episode #352.

We hope you enjoy them.

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