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Gaining new clients is an important part of business, but not knowing where to start can hinder your progress.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Luke provides three different areas in marketing that you can focus on to generate new clients for your business.

Video Transcription

Alright so we’re trying to grow our own business by building relationships, trying to grow our business to repeat business and referrals, and if you’re a new agent or new sales professional out there I know you’re probably looking for new clients. And in today’s video, I want to give you three areas that you can focus on to generate new clients for your business.

Number one

The first is social media, specifically Facebook. If you’re not using Facebook right now you should be. Not only can you you know do a Facebook Business Page and run ads for your business, but you should be utilizing Facebook’s Go Live feature. The reason why is because Facebook and social media they’re favoring live right now and putting it in front of more people.

So go live, give people a window into who you are. Go live at your open house, go live on your sales call, go live when you’re doing something fun. Give people a window into who you are, then post consistently on your pages. See every new client that you’re gonna gain, it’s built off of a relationship. Which means people have to know you, like you, and trust you. When you utilize social media you get known because you’re posting and you’re going live. You get liked because you’re sharing content that’s entertaining or engaging, and then you get trusted because you do it consistently. So utilize social media, Facebook to gain new clients for your business.

Number two

The second area is community events. See your community has events going on. Maybe it’s a festival, maybe it’s a you know farmers market, maybe it’s even a networking event for businesses. Make sure you’re taking advantage of those community events especially for real estate agents, insurance agents, financial advisors. You’re the community advocate, so you need to get your face known out there in the community. So go to these community events. Bring something along that you can give away to prospects that you meet.

Number three

Then the third and final tip is take advantage of partnerships. This is often overlooked. When you’re in business you have vendors that you use all the time to service your clients. Don’t look at them just as vendors, look at them as partnerships. Meaning if you’re a real estate agent, you have a mortgage professional you use, an insurance agent, maybe have a contractor or landscaper. This is a perfect opportunity for you to partner with them to spread your name. Meaning they have a list of people, a database of contacts that they’re reaching out to clients that they have, and you have clients. Partner up together and do an advertisement to their database, and then you to yours to introduce each other. It’s a great way to grow your brand exponentially and meet new people and ultimately gain new clients.

The takeaway

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