The Ultimate Daily To-Do List of Successful Agents

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It’s difficult for real estate agents to maintain a daily routine. The job requires constant adaptation, and since no two days are ever the same, agents have to remain agile. But there are four things you absolutely must do everyday. If you carry these tasks out every day, there is no doubt you will be a success in real estate—all you have to do is be unwaveringly consistent.

Video Transcription

Guys, today I want to give you four tips every REALTOR® should be doing every day. Now, I spoke to a new REALTOR® just the other day, and one of the things that came up in our conversation was how difficult real estate is compared to your traditional nine to five. When you think about a traditional job, you get to show up. A lot of times, your tasks are already laid out for you. You have a manager telling you what to do, and there’s a ton of structure. You know what’s gonna happen from nine to five. Then, you get to go home.

In Real Estate, hate to say it, baby, but you’re on your own. I mean, hopefully you have a good mentor, but the truth is, you’re the sole owner. You’re responsible for sales, for marketing, for customer service, and, a lot of times, this can be so overwhelming—especially for a new agent. You’re desperate for someone to tell you, “Hey, what should I be doing every day to create a successful business in real estate?”

And when I thought about this question, there are so many things that you can do, but here are four things I think should be non-negotiable on your calendar every day.

Social media

You can’t deny it. This technology is how people want to communicate, how they want to connect with people today. And the truth is, you need to be posting every day on your social media, because you can reach literally hundreds of people in traditionally the same timespan that you could only talk to one. So, be posting every day on your social media.

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This one I think is the most essential. I put 1-2 hours, I would love to see you do more, but at least do an hour of prospecting a day. Cold calling, door knocking, maybe taking someone to lunch. This is what’s going to feed your business.


Update your buyers and sellers. When I thought about it, the number one complaint I hear from clients of real estate agents, is they tell me that they don’t know what their real estate agent is doing. A lot of times they feel like you took their listing, put it on a bunch of internet sites, and then left them alone, they never heard from you again. Think about the tenacity that you had in trying to get that listing. Maybe it was an expired, you called them over and over again, you sent them e-mails, text messages. Use that same tenacity in your communication with your buyers and sellers. Let them know how hard you’re working to sell their home or help them find their dream home.

Local market

Check your local market every day. Get on your MLS, check your 24-hour market report. See what sold, what recent expires happened, recent listings that came on the market. This is the true value proposition that you bring to your client. You are supposed to be the local market expert so you can tell them how to appropriately price their house to sell it. You know, what deals came on the market, to move fast so they can buy it. This is what you bring to the table. And the only way you accomplish this is if you check every single day and watch the trends, and become an expert.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys, just four tips. Make sure you’re posting on your social media everyday, prospect at least an hour day, update your buyers and sellers. And then, last but not least, become the local market expert by checking your local market every day. Take action on these today.

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