The Benefits of Client Testimonials for Agents


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In an industry like real estate, client management is more than a buzzword. In fact, it’s a main factor in what keeps your business afloat. Not only can client satisfaction make your job easier, it can lead to powerful testimonials that can help increase the volume of your sales. But you may be wondering—just how, exactly, can testimonials positively impact your business? You’re in luck! We highlighted two of the most powerful reasons below.

  • Increases social proof.
    Social proof is one of the best marketing tactics that can work to ease the minds of weary prospects. If a prospect is on the fence of using you as an agent, an unbiased testimonial can be that little nudge that is needed to move forward with you. Keep in mind that testimonials are most effective if they’re featured online—websites, social media platforms, and blogs. Since the majority of prospects are scouring the web for agents, online testimonials (either text or video-based) that are easy to locate will help increase credibility and establish trust within seconds. In fact, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Heightens sales pitch.
    Your sales pitch can be something that sets you apart from the competition. Fortunately, testimonials can help you perfect your pitch—throughout both the intro and closing. During the intro, you’ll want to get the prospect interested in your service. What’s a better way to do such than by using a power statement from a testimonial? A bold claim, such as a stat or success story, can persuade a prospect to keep listening. After the intro, you’ve embarked with the prospect on their buying journey— you’ve successfully listened to their paint point, and offered a solution with your product—so now what? In order to close the deal, the prospect needs to develop a sense of trust. Ultimately, you need to prove that they can believe you. Including an influential success story can help build the required level of trust, and transform the prospect into a client.

If you’re putting in the work to maintain a sphere of satisfied clients, but choosing to not include testimonials in your sales plan, you’re certainly missing out on a large opportunity. At the end of the day, testimonials are a relatively simply way to land more deals and increase your success rate!

Be on the lookout for a follow-up post highlighting how to successfully ask your clients for a testimonial.

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