Why Should Real Estate Agents Be Blogging?


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The majority of people searching for a new property will hop online to find new listings. As a real estate agent, it’s vital that you have a credible and vast web presence. One way to do this? Blog.

Although it may sound like a tired cliché, creating a blog can provide a wide variety of benefits for a real estate agent.

Blogging establishes authority

Truth be told, people enjoy hiring experts. Blogging allows you to display your expertise on an assortment of topics. For instance, if you have a wealth of knowledge regarding FSBOs, consider constructing blogs based off of personal experiences. Garnering credibility will also help to set you apart from the crowd. With each informative blog that you post, you’ll give readers additional proof as to why they should hire you as their agent. Become the agent that first pops into their mind when they have a question.

Blogging provides social media content

If you’re utilizing social media, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly in search of reputable content to share. With blogging, you’ll have an excess of shareable and original content at your fingertips. Posting blogs on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter will give your audience the opportunity to engage with the posts and potentially share them on their pages. This means that your content can reach a multitude of people and gain an even larger brand exposure

Blogging builds an email list of subscribers

Leads are the backbone of real estate. Oftentimes, it’s challenging to generate leads without having to shell out big bucks. But fear not! Blogging can help you grow your email list organically. In order for readers to opt in to subscribe to your blog, they’ll have to enter their email addresses. In turn, they’re notified when you post valuable content and you gain another lead to store in your CRM. A win-win for both parties!

For many agents, the concept of starting a blog may seem daunting. However, having a credible web presence and reaping the above benefits should outweigh any qualms you have about blogging.

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