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With 7 out of 10 employees claiming to be distracted at work on a daily basis, it begs the question, what is causing these distractions? Social media is a big contender, and tends to be cause for a lot of unproductivity in the office. Don’t be a part of the majority, and follow these tips to have a more productive workday.

Keep your phone out of reach.

If your phone is within reach on your desk, then you’re going to be checking it frequently. Keep your phone in a drawer where you won’t be tempted to pick it up throughout the day. Social media can easily be a distraction, but if your phone is out of reach, you avoid that problem.

Designate social media for certain times.

Whether during your lunch or a smaller break, only check social media during off-times. Checking less frequently and with more intention could actually lead to a more productive workday.

Use it meaningfully.

Are you using social media to mindlessly scroll throughout the day? Instead, put more intention behind your social media endeavors and use it meaningfully. Whether this means spying on your competition through the Facebook “Pages to Watch” feature or following leaders in your industry on Instagram, try to make checking social media a more thoughtful action.

Delete apps altogether.

If you find yourself reaching for your phone too much, consider deleting certain apps from your phone, or download an app that restricts your access to social media after you’ve been scrolling for a prolonged amount of time.

Social media and productivity in the workplace go hand in hand these days. It’s hard to tell people not to use their phones, with technology being such an intrinsic part of daily life. However, too much use can cause productivity issues. Trying to find that happy medium isn’t easy, but these suggestions are sure to help guide you in the right direction.

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