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Are you stuck on who exactly you should be following in the world of real estate? Is your feed clogged by people who aren’t motivating enough? Consider doing a revamp of who you follow on social media. These real estate experts know a thing or two about what it means to be successful in the industry, and pass off their expertise in the daily form of a tweet or snapshot worth the double-tap.

Fredrick Eklund

Million Dollar Listing New York real estate broker Fredrick Eklund meshes his out-of-the-box humor with his extensive real estate knowledge and cozy home life on his social media platforms. After making his move from Sweden to New York, Eklund rose to the top of the broker hierarchy and continued to stay on top throughout his years of selling luxury New York City homes.

Dottie Herman

CEO of Douglas Elliman, one of the nation’s largest real estate brokerage firms, Dottie Herman is a self-made millionaire who wasn’t afraid to take a risk when times were tough. A firm with over 6,000 agents and counting, Herman is at the helm of it all. Her rags-to-riches story is inspiring, and so are her social media accounts. Daily tips (did you know Monday is the best day to sell a home?), highlights from various events (Forbes 400 Summit), and empowering quotes to get your day rolling, Herman is an influencer who should be on your everyday newsfeed.

Cody Sperber

Chockfull of inspirational quotes and funny industry anecdotes, real estate investor Cody Sperber has earned his follower count of over one million. Nicknamed the Clever Investor (after his mentoring business of the same name), this mogul knows what he’s doing in marketing, and aims to create even more successful businesses for his many creative visions. He’s someone who wasn’t a stranger to hearing the word “no” when first branching out in the real estate world, but followed his instincts, and will encourage you to do the same.

Barbara Corcoran

Successful entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, real estate investor, and “shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran is one to follow in this ever-growing industry. Known for her blunt advice, she’s not one to shy away from telling people how it is. Nearly 280,000 followers on Instagram, Corcoran posts adventures that you’ll want to follow along with. Barbara is someone who appreciates the hustle that this industry requires, and is a great person to have on your newsfeed throughout your day-to-day.

Robert Reffkin

CEO of Compass—a start-up luxury brokerage—Reffkin is making waves in the industry. His Instagram is a good mix of both personal and professional, while keeping you in the loop of real estate happenings. After making the jump from Goldman Sachs, where he reigned as Chief of Staff, Reffkin made his move to the White House as a Fellow, and has also participated in a total of 50 marathons for charity. He’s basically done it all, even before making his way to the real estate luxury market, where he remains as CEO of a growing company. Give him a follow, and try to keep up with his ongoing accomplishments.

Ryan Serhant

Another Million Dollar Listings New York member (and now a spin-off to add to his already impressive resume), Serhant is arguably the fan favorite of the series. His witty personality matched with his positive attitude on closing deals and retaining more business makes him a winner for any follower of his. Follow along on his day-to-day, which includes anything from 5 a.m. workouts to snippets of his many motivational public speaking engagements.

Refresh your feeds and follow these inspiring, humorous, and successful thought leaders who are changing the real estate game as you scroll.

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