Three Tips for the Social Media Novice

Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past decade, you know that social media is essential to your business—your clients expect you to have a social media presence. These days, not being on social media is like not having a website. Consider these stats:

74 percent of online adults use social networking sites
Twitter has 284 million active users per month
Facebook has 1.4 billion users—if it were a nation, it would be the most populous on earth

And these stats are not the only reasons to get social. Social media is where your clients are.

If your are a novice in social media, here are three rules you need to remember:

Understand how you will benefit.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other big networks offer opportunities to build and strengthen connections with your clients virtually any time and anywhere. You can start conversations. You can create ice breakers for follow-up calls. If you pay attention, you can learn about your followers’ interests and share relevant content with them. This is valuable information that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

Aim for engagement.

It seems like a new social network pops up every week. And given how much is written about the benefits of social media, you may be tempted to immediately jump into all of them. Resist. Engaging your audience is more important than having a presence on all of them. We recommend starting slow with one or two networks you know best, and being consistent there. If you have a personal Facebook account, for instance, you should be able to learn how to use a business page pretty quickly. Once you get comfortable and start having success, then you can look to expand into the next site.

Know what type of content to post on each site.

Choosing where to post will also depend on what it is you are posting. Each site has different features, strengths, and goals, and requires a slightly different strategy.

Facebook is a versatile social media network that people use for a variety of reasons, including getting or staying in touch with others, sharing images and videos, and as entertainment. It’s a good choice for almost any content you have to share.

Google+ is another social website that offers options for sharing multiple types of content, such as images, video, and text. In addition, it lets you segment followers so that you can easily target your shares. You can use this for almost any content, but it’s your top choice for content you only want certain clients to see.

Twitter is a communication tool with a 140-character limit. News, customer service, and quick messages are among the most popular uses. If what you’re sharing is timely, Twitter is a great option.

Pinterest is a visual social media site. Everyone from shopaholics to DIY enthusiasts to small business owners use it for inspiration, organization, and reference. So if you have great images of home staging or decorating ideas, tasty recipes, or some other inspiring idea, this is a great place to share them.

For many, finding things to share is the hardest part of maintaining a social media presence. As a ReminderMedia client, you have access to fresh social media content with each issue of American Lifestyle magazine. We’ve made it as easy as possible to share it on all your social media networks, and offer the help of our expert marketing advisors. Find out more about our social media content, or request a sample of the magazine to find out how the American Lifestyle program can work for you.