Mailing List Tips: Identify Your Connectors

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If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, you’ve learned about three different archetypes of people out there:

  • Mavens
  • Salespeople
  • Connectors

Mavens are the knowledge bases in life. They seem to have random trivia stuffed in every nook and every cranny of their brain and are happy to share anything with you. These are the people you go to if you have a question about what the best smart phone is for your needs.

Salespeople are just what they sound like. They are the people in your life who are always convincing others around them to do something, buy something, or go somewhere.

But the ones we really want to focus on here are the connectors. Connectors are the overlooked key to your success. That’s because connectors are walking Rolodexes. They always know someone who knows someone. Mention a name to a connector, and their mind begins whizzing and whirring—playing seven degrees—and within seconds, they’re making the connection to the person you’re after. “Oh yeah, my neighbor went to grad school with his brother. I’ll put in a good word,” they’ll say.

So what does this have to do with your mailing list? How many connectors can you name right now?

Think about them. Who would you go to if you needed to connect with someone . . . if you needed a recommendation . . . if you needed inside information?

Connectors care about relationships. Connectors are very good at establishing and maintaining relationships. They make their way through life based on their contacts, rarely, if ever, burning bridges. Personalities are less important than opportunities to connectors. And you can leverage that.

Your list should already include your top clients. At the very least, your ALM list should include the top 20 percent of your clients. But what about the other 80 percent? Are there any opportunities you’re missing there?

Here’s an easy challenge:

  1. Pull out your client list.
  2. Check off everyone who is receiving ALM.
  3. Review every other name—just scan them for now.
  4. Identify at least five to ten connectors from the rest of your list.

Even if those connectors aren’t amongst your top clients, you may be missing out on a major referral opportunity. You probably want to be in their mental Rolodex when the referral opportunity arises.

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