3 Ways to Segment Your List & Maximize Your Marketing ROI


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83% of businesses are applying segmentation to their e-mail lists only. See how applying segments and qualifiers to every aspect of your contact list can increase efficiency and drive more fruitful connections.

Video Transcription

As a business professional you’ve probably figured out by now that following up is critical to your business. Top producers know they’ve got to build a system in their business to practice religious and consistent follow-up, but so often we miss out on the step of list segmentation. 83% of businesses are applying list segmentation to their e-mail list, but they don’t use the same methodology on their other follow-up like their face-to-face, direct mail, phone.

So I want to give you guys three qualifiers that you should apply to your list today.

First qualifier.

Value this is ultimately the most important guys the value you look at your list. You need to apply some type of value some type of score to each contact. This is going to help you segment your list out into what we would call your A-list, your B-list, your C-list. If you’re in real estate you’re A-list might be people who are actively on the market searching for a home, you’re showing them homes. Your B-list might be your sideline prospects because they’re not approved for a mortgage yet and then last but not least your C-list is probably your referral base, your sphere of influence, your past clients. You want to look at your list and add value to each of your contacts to help you segment them.

Second qualifier.

Frequency. After you’ve determined the value of each contact now you’ve got to determine how often do you want to reach out to them. Your A-list you’re obviously going to want to reach out to a lot more frequent, daily weekly, whereas your C-list, maybe you just reach out to them once a quarter or every couple months.

Third qualifier.

Communication medium. Now that you have the frequency and how often you want to reach out to them, now you’ve got to decide what style, what method, of communication do I want to reach out to these people with. So where a Baby Boomer it might be a handwritten note, where a Millennial is going to respond a lot better to a text message. Now keep in mind you don’t have to just do one method of follow-up for each contact, you can use multiple methods, but it’s critical that you segment your list by adding this communication medium as a segment so you get the best engagement you possibly can.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there are three qualifiers you should apply to your list today. You’ve got value, frequency, and last but not least communication medium. If you liked these tips make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and write in the comments below, let me know how you segment your list. Give me your tips and tricks, I want to share them with my audience. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook, and take action on this today!

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