How to Recruit Like a Boss


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Recruiting the very best for your team comes with a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of hard work and patience. We pride ourselves on recruiting strong individuals for our already top-notch sales team. Luke Acree, president of ReminderMedia, focuses on what this process entails in our Above the Noise series—which breaks down how to have a well thought-out, quality recruiting strategy. Once you have the process down, it’s that much easier to bring in top talent.

Get specific.
Overly-generic searches might produce a plethora of results, but it will be harder to filter through them to find those sales reps candidates you really want. Try to hone in on specific skillsets and responsibilities that you want in a potential hire instead of searching through generic pools. Applicants are all unique, and your approach to acquiring them should be unique as well.

Make the most of social media.
There are a lot of myths about using social media for professional purposes, but in sales recruiting, this should be a top priority. Leverage all that LinkedIn has to offer, and start posting regularly about open positions. Include the summary of the job description, buzz words that stand out to people scrolling through their feed, and enticing language. If there are no open positions currently available, still strive to stay active and offer daily career advice.

Ally Kessler, a recruiter here at ReminderMedia, reiterates the power of LinkedIn, saying, “it’s an awesome way to find the right candidates, as the platform is made to utilize connections in a professional way. It also makes potential employees more focused on the job descriptions and the company as a whole.”

Referrals are key.
Our recruiting team here is also big on referrals. A referral can make the best employee, because they already feel comfortable with at least some of the people here and know what the job entails. It also speeds up the process, especially in the beginning, and throughout the onboarding process as well.

Keep in touch.
Last, but not least, persistence is one of the most important aspects to building a strong sales team. If you think someone really has what it takes to make a sale, make sure to follow-up and remind them about any deadlines and upcoming interviews. The more you contact them, the more interested they know you are, and in return gain more interest in the position.

Keeping up with an effective recruiting strategy is essential to the overall success of a business. Looking at ways to improve your practices shouldn’t be put on the back-burner, but should be a top priority in order to bring in the best of the best.

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