How Title Companies Use ReminderMedia

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The first thing that title companies have to take into account when it comes to American Lifestyle magazine, is their mailing list. They can use the magazine for their most important connections and American Lifestyle Digital Edition for their extended sphere.


They need to focus on marketing to their referral sources, but they also need to start broadening outreach. They want to diversify the ways they attract clients. ReminderMedia has the perfect products to do just that.

Depending on where clients are coming from, it might make sense to partner with a real estate agent or a mortgage broker. This will offset some of the cost, while expanding your brand even further. It also provides a great opportunity to solidify an arrangement with one of your best referral sources.

When a buyer is looking to finalize a transaction, they are usually going to ask their REALTOR® for a referral. They’ve already jumped through so many hoops to advance the transaction that they have no interest in shopping around for a title agent, so title companies need to fight for that top-of-mind awareness.



They should quantify referral sources and thing of places to farm direct to prospects. Once they start sending the magazine, make sure to follow up when it hits mailboxes to ensure a connection.