How Email Campaigns Work for Financial Advisors

One of the primary reasons clients leave their financial advisors is that they are not satisfied with the pace or quality of communication. One of the biggest pain points financial advisors have is that they don’t have enough time to reach out to all of their clients regularly.

Clients want consistent communication. Financial advisors don’t have the time. There is a solution, and it comes in the form of drip and nurture email campaigns. Drip campaigns are consecutive emails that go out to your clients indefinitely. Nurture campaigns are designed to keep you top of mind among prospects.

This is how email campaigns work for financial advisors, when created properly.:

Drip Campaigns

Many of your clients are looking to get in touch with you to make adjustments to their portfolios. They want to check in, and subconsciously in search of a little hand holding and reassurance. After all, a huge portion of their financial future is in your hands, and it helps put their mind at ease knowing that you are always actively pursuing their best interest. Drip campaigns help FAs in all of these areas. Due to compliance laws, advisors can’t get too detailed in their mass emails, but they can provide the kind of reassurance that builds a two-way stream of confidence. Advisors should also use drip campaigns to earn referrals. It’s an easy, automated way to show you care.

Nurture Campaigns

Nurture campaigns can also be tricky because of compliance. Instead of emails that provide financial advice, focus on lifestyle content that appeals to high-net-worth prospects. You can also focus entirely on pain points. Don’t bother talking solutions, instead financial advisors should spend their time relating to the pain points of their prospects.

The best part about these campaigns is that they are fully automated. They act as touchpoints that solidify rapport. Drip and nurture campaigns give peace of mind to your clients and draw the interest of your prospects. They also help to bolster your reputation as an industry expert and a resource of knowledge.

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