Exploring the 80/20 Rule on Social Media

Engaging your audience on social media can be quite challenging. Ultimately, the level of engagement boils down to the type of content you’re providing. Although you may have your own tactics, integrating the 80/20 content rule into your social media strategy can increase engagement.

It simple terms, the 80/20 rule means that 80% of your content should be tailored to your audience by providing them with value, while the remaining 20% can be used to promote your own brand. Below are a few ways to apply the rule to your strategy.

80% Valuable Content

  • Make it shareable.
    Keep things informative and interesting. On Facebook, consider posting educational curated content and original thoughts (e.g., blog posts and webinars). Keep track of trending hashtags on Instagram to post timely content. Your audience is more prone to share your content if it’s relatable and useful.
  • Connect with followers.
    Social media is for building relationships, a thought that often gets overlooked. It’s vital that you’re acknowledging engagement. If a follower comments on a Facebook post, be sure to quickly reply with a thoughtful response. Consider asking open-ended questions that elicits responses. A few platforms include a poll feature that will keep track of the responses.
  • Add a personal level.
    More than likely your audience’s newsfeeds are flooded with generic content. Include a personal flair by posting pictures of your kids, pets, and leisure activities. For instance, if you’re going on an afternoon hike, consider using Facebook to live stream. You want your audience to be able to relate to you on both a professional and personal level.

20% Promotional Content

  • Include all details.
    Make the most out of your promotional content. Include important information about products and services. If you’re releasing a new product, consider boosting a post on Facebook to ensure that you’re reaching the largest audience. You can also include testimonial videos on both YouTube and Instagram. Although promotional, you’re still providing value.
  • Develop a strategic call-to-action.
    When necessary, promotional content should include a persuasive message that inspires your audience to take action. Action phrases such as “Click here to learn more” and “Share this post if you’re interested” could lead to future conversions.

This month, make it a priority to reevaluate your social media strategy and determine if you’re utilizing the 80/20 rule. If not, make the appropriate content adjustments and see if your engagement increases.

Written by admin