How Often Should You Reach Out to Clients?


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The most effective way to categorize all of your contacts is by the frequency with which you have to reach out to them.

Categories make the world go ‘round, and you will lose a sale by assigning the wrong criteria to a prospect. Think about it—you accidentally address a seller like a buyer, and that single misstep has destroyed your credibility. It is a common, but totally avoidable mistake.

The most effective way to categorize all of your contacts is by the frequency with which you have to reach out to them. This way you can file them into a calendar and get real-time notifications that tell you when to call or set up an appointment and remind you why you’re reaching out to them in the first place.

Drip – Reach out every once in a while to make sure they know you’re not dead. Reach out a few times a year with some item of value. Market reports are fine, but they really only apply to a person dealing with a narrow set of circumstances; contacts actively searching for homes. Never underestimate the power of something personal. Updates on your family, or even your pets, are bound to strike a chord and start a conversation.

Monthly – Updates for people you aren’t actively working with. These should revolve around business opportunities that pertain directly to the recipient. If you don’t have any opportunities that would be of interest, consider moving them to the drip.

Weekly – Call people on the fence or hot prospects. If there is a prospect that is in the market, then reach out with emails and phone calls. When it comes to email you need to do everything in your power to qualify and distinguish yourself.

3x a Week – Clients you are currently servicing. Find out the frequency of contact they prefer and deliver it consistently with no exceptions. That kind of service will earn you a client for life. If you say you’re going to call, then you absolutely must deliver.

Daily – The handful of people that require close contact to keep all parties happy and the ball rolling.

It seems like common sense, but a leading complaint among buyers and sellers regarding their agents is the communication was out of whack. When the flow of conversation is just right, you’re sure to earn referrals and create a lifelong partnership.

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