Building a Positive Company Culture: Inc. Women’s Summit 2016

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As your business is just starting to grow, things like building a positive company culture can easily fall to the wayside. But it’s creating an exciting and inventive framework that will help set your business apart. In fact, company culture is something that the majority of speakers at the 2016 Inc. Women’s Summit highlighted as the strong point of their businesses—and a huge part of their success.

This is not to say that company parties and outings are going to catapult your business from fledgling start-up to a multi-million dollar corporation, but keeping employees happy and invested in your product is the only way to ensure you will survive, long-term. Here are some of the building blocks to forming and maintaining your own healthy company culture.

  1. Keep fun a priority. Barbara Corcoran, real estate titan and investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, said that “fun is the key to business.” Without a strong, exciting company culture, a business can’t thrive. In fact, Corcoran noted that her passion for throwing the most extravagant and sensational company parties is what helped catapult The Corcoran Group to success, and along with engaging the media, became a cornerstone for the business. This is not to say that parties are the secret weapon to every good business, but maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that’s not too up tight is essential.
  2. It’s all about the environment. Things like dress down Fridays and company retreats might not seem important when your business is in its early stages, but these types of perks are actually highly important in helping your business thrive. No one wants to work for a company with little consideration to the happiness of its employees, but everyone wants to work for a company where they feel comfortable and their ideas and passions are nurtured.
  3. Surround your company with other strong people. A company who is invested in by women as much as it is invested in by men is much more likely to succeed, according to Vicki Saunders, entrepreneur and founder of SheEO—an initiative to better support and celebrate female business leaders. Women are naturally strong leaders, so by including more women in the decision-making process and giving them a seat at the table companies have a better chance to thrive.

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