The One Thing Thought Leaders Won’t Acknowledge

Luke Acree

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In the last few years, there has been a sharp rise in the amount of thought leadership throughout the business world. Thought leaders make for great sources because they have experience directly related to what they talk about. When we turn to them for inspiration or instruction, we can benefit from the mistakes they have already made and learn from their triumphs and their failures.

One thing they all seem to preach is constant energy. Thought leaders exude a level of passion that is understandable for a motivational speaker. Part of the job description for these folks is hardwired enthusiasm, and as they pace stages and expound on their branded virtues, all this energy might leave viewers disheartened. The average person might not think they have what it takes in comparison.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to jump out of bed every morning chomping at the bit to do your job. You don’t need an insatiable urge to get on the phone and delve into a meeting. You don’t have to love every moment of your workday. Struggles crop up, hard times come down, and sometimes you’ll want to quit.

That’s fine. The important thing to do is forge onward. Embrace the chaos and get any negativity out of your system by living in it for a little bit. Don’t exacerbate the problem by feeling guilty about feeling negative. As I write this, I feel my body crossing into the early stages of my annual winter cold. I’d much rather be at home, in bed, trying to nip it in the bud with a little rest. Instead, I’m in the office, writing this, because it’s part of my job. I can’t afford to slow down, even though I want to, and even though I have a valid reason that would make for a great piece of rationalization.

You don’t have to love your job every day, but you have to work like you do. When we don’t feel like giving it our all, when we’d rather just skip out and quit for a day, that’s when it’s most crucial that we press on. If you wake up miserable every once and a while at the thought of going into work, congratulations—you’re human. Do your best, and know the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t far off. The effort we make when things are good, when we’re in the zone, is wonderful. But the progress we achieve when progress seems impossible is what makes the difference.

Written by Luke Acree

Luke Acree, President of ReminderMedia, is a sales fanatic, a marketing evangelist, and an expert team builder. Luke has worked with tens of thousands of agents over the years, helping them understand how to connect with their client database in a way that generates leads, secures repeat clients, and captures referrals.