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Sure, caffeine has its perks: a brainpower surge, more energy for that morning meeting, and kick-starting your metabolism for the long day ahead. But, in our haste to grab that morning cup of coffee, soda, or energy drink, natural (and just as effective) methods tend to be forgotten. Swap out your usual energy-boosters for more natural means, and you may be surprised at the results.

Superfoods are super for a reason.

The Mayans may have predicted the end of the world incorrectly, but they knew a thing or two about superfoods, specifically chia seeds. Used during ancient wars, chia seeds have lasted thousands of years to combat fatigue and balance out blood sugar levels. Have some with your Greek yogurt or in a smoothie for a more natural energy boost.

Sip on tea for a change.

For people who are used to consuming two, three, or more cups of coffee a day, making the switch to something else can be tough. Start slow, but try incorporating other drinks into your routine that are less intense. Herbal teas—like green, rooibos, or white—do wonders for your health, both physically and mentally. The compounds in tea are comprised of antioxidants that reduce stress levels, and keep your brain razor sharp for an eight-hour day.


Breathe a little deeper.

Practicing deep breathing techniques is a calming and energy-boosting method used by professionals around the world. Low levels of energy can often lead to feeling more stressed and anxious, which breathing techniques can help with. Sit straight-backed, and try to focus your brain solely on breathing in for 3 counts and out for 6. Get into a rhythm, and start your day this way to really get in your mind thinking clearly. Breathe in the energy and breathe out the tension.


Go for a walk.

The health benefits of walking are never-ending. It’s low impact with a bounty of results. Whether you suggest to take a meeting outside for a walk around the parking lot, or you use your lunch break to do so, it can be one way to keep you feeling fresh and break up the day. Energize your brain and body even further, and set your alarm half an hour earlier to get outside and start your day on the right foot.


Finding energy comes in many forms—from the food and drinks you consume, to how you stay active. Switch it up with these techniques to continue feeling your best self.

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