7 Top Producers Share Their Most Successful Habits


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Are you looking to create habits that will drive success for your business?

While there is no magic formula that will guarantee success, there are some habits and routines that have helped countless entrepreneurs get where they are today.

Stay Paid—ReminderMedia’s weekly sales and marketing podcast—features interviews with top producers from various industries, including real estate, financial services, and insurance. These conversations have revealed some of the things successful business people do to stay productive and enable growth.

Below, find seven habits that have made success possible for some of those top producers.

Start a morning routine

For me, it's getting my mind right in the morning - Andy Dane Carter

“It’s literally the entire foundation for my world. I have followed the most wealthy, successful people. They all have some things in common—it’s consistency mixed with discipline.

For me, it’s getting my mind right in the morning. I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning. The first thing I do is drop into a ten-minute meditation. From there, I sit in deep gratitude for about 10 minutes. I set that tone, and then I go and work out.”

–Andy Dane Carter, real estate expert, author, and investment strategist

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Organize your inbox

Business is the six inches between your ears, whether you think you can or think you can't - Bubba Mills

“Never leave your office with emails in your inbox. It is the worst business thing you can do in your life. Go to your inbox and create tabs for Monday through Sunday. Drag messages into your folders.

We go home at night, thinking ‘holy crap, look at all the stuff I still have left to do.’ It’s overwhelming. It’s not everything you have to do—it’s stuff you have to do in the future.

That is a game changer, because there’s a sense of accomplishment. Business is the six inches between your ears, whether you think you can or think you can’t.”

–Bubba Mills, owner/CEO of Corcoran Consulting & Coaching

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Create a positive mindset

I recommend that people start to zone in on the gratitude - Sina Azari

“I live 24/7 with gratitude. I’m extremely grateful for all the smallest things. I recommend that people start to zone in on the gratitude. When you imagine not having all the small things that are so important, you’ll recognize how big they really are.

I believe in meditation. I believe in 10–15 minutes of either listening to some meditation or just pure silence, where you are talking to yourself. I reevaluate my day if I do it in the evening. Most of the time, I do it at night to dissect what my day was like.”

–Sina Azari, Chief Innovation Officer of Present Financial Partners

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Set boundaries with your clients

Just have those parameters and don't be afraid to push back a little bit - Katie Lance

“One of the reasons why we started our own company was to have quality of life—to have time with my two kids, to be there in the morning before they go to school, and to see them after school. To me, time is our most precious asset.

I’ve set some parameters about when we’re ‘on,’ as far as our work hours. We start our day around 9 or 10, and then we try to end it about 3 or 4. Just have those parameters and don’t be afraid to push back a little bit.”

–Katie Lance, CEO of Katie Lance Consulting

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Have a healthy body and mind

I'm constantly learning every day - Mahsheed Barghisavar

“I need to feel good in order to be able to do good. I have to wake up early in the morning, and go to the gym. And then, after that, I’m ready. I feel good, and I can conduct business.

I can’t drink much alcohol at all, because that’s something that takes me down and doesn’t make me feel too good. So, I have to limit my alcohol if I want to stay on top.

Throughout the day, when I need a break—or even at night—I have to read a little bit or listen to an audiobook. I’m constantly learning every day. It’s not like it’s a drag or a chore for me. I actually love it. I feel like I always want to learn more.”

–Mahsheed Barghisavar, owner of Mahsheed Real Estate, LLC

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Check the MLS regularly

It's just going out there and really understanding your market and understanding your niche - Willie Mandrell

“Everyone has their vices. Some people smoke, drink, and do things we know we shouldn’t. I am religiously on the MLS. I mean, I am addicted to it.

My wife will get up because the light from my iPhone is shining in her eyes at 2 in the morning, as I’m scrolling through the new listings that have come on. This makes me sound like a Scrooge, but I hate the holiday season, because not many listings are coming on and there’s not much for me to do.

But it’s helped me grow my business. When I talk to a buyer, I can say with confidence, ‘The property is worth x,” because I look at every single listing that comes on the market. I’ve been inside these things. I go to every open house.

It’s just going out there and really understanding your market and understanding your niche.”

–Willie Mandrell, Founder of The Mandrell Company/Boston Wealth Builders

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Go with your gut

Usually, the first thing that comes to your mind is right - Nicholas Stuller

“I can visualize every time in my career when I’ve gone against my gut—whether it’s hiring someone or a business strategy. And in every company I’ve started or worked at, there’s two or three occasions where I went against my gut. And every time I’ve done that, it ended up being a big problem. Usually, the first thing that comes to your mind is right.”

–Nicholas Stuller, author and leading expert on financial advisors

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Whether or not these specific routines and habits work for you, the key is to find something that gets results and to practice it consistently. The one common trait among alltop producers is that they take action—so take action today.

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