Interview with Sina Azari: How to Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset

What does a real estate agent, insurance broker, savvy social media user, and founder of an organization dedicated to bringing together opportunities for Millennials have in common? Simple, Sina Azari.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke invite Azari to discuss how he has found such great success with his business ventures.

About Sina Azari

In 2003, Azari was a 23-year old college graduate with every intention of attending dental school. However, life doesn’t always work out the way that we expect. After a hard time getting accepted, he was recruited by Banker’s Life where he ventured into financial services.

Once he was able to generate a good income, his mom suggested that he invest money in real estate. Three months after putting a down payment on a studio across the street from the MetLife Stadium, Sina walked away with $40k in his pocket. This pushed him to obtain his real estate license.

Fast forward to the present, and Sina has achieved great success. He has been a keynote speaker at Gary Vaynerchuk’s AGENT2021 event, GAMA International’s LAMP 2018, and is the founder of the millennials Leadership Network—a research, learning, and development organization bringing together opportunities for Millennials and those aspiring to become stronger leaders in the workforce. He is a Million Dollar Round Table qualifier and a front line leader as a California-licensed Insurance Broker in addition to being recognized as a Rising Star Broker with the California Association of REALTORS®. And if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he also hosts the AllMindset Podcast.

Q: What is Present Financial?

A: Present Financial just recently hit their 2-year anniversary. They are the founders of comprehensive financial services, combining real estate and insurance to help clients improve their long-term financial success. They offer customized programs designed to grow, protect, and conserve clients’ wealth.

Q: How did you generate brand awareness?  

A: Since we had a non-compete clause with Banker’s Life, I didn’t bring any business over. I relied on networking and ramped up my marketing with modern strategies, social media in particular.

Q: Have you seen networking help you grow?

A: I’ve made it my mission to network with other carriers and companies—even though we compete for the same clients. My idea being that collaborating will not only help us to garner new clients, but also share best practices and tidbits, ultimately inspiring us to elevate our game. This has helped Present become a national brand.

Q: Where do most of your leads come from?

A: On the financial services side, they’re required to ask about real estate, and vice versa. For example, if our real estate agents help someone with the purchase of a new home, they then review the buyer’s insurance needs. Our services go hand-in-hand. I’ve coined this blended model as a “career broker agency.” It’s the act of leveraging an asset you already have to grow your business.

Q: Can you explain how AllMindset Media came about?

A: AllMindset was created years ago and has drastically evolved. When Twitter first came about, I didn’t want to create a handle that included my first name, so instead, I claimed @AllMindset. I started using it to share motivational pieces of content, which then transitioned to media and marketing materials. We went from posting pictures and videos to live stories and IGTV. I then realized that the trend was going to voice—and AllMindset sounds like the perfect podcast name—so we started a podcast to help grow our business.

Q: What are 3–5 things that you do every day that aid in your success?  

A: The first thing I do is live 24/7 with gratitude. I’m grateful for even the smallest of things, and I try my best to focus on the gratitude. Every morning I walk my dog. This helps me to get outside and get fresh air. I’m also a big believer in meditation. Ten to fifteen minutes of pure silence can make a world of difference. I tend to do it every night before I go to sleep. Lastly, I absorb a lot content—from Gary V to Tom Ferry to Tony Robbins.

Q: Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

A: Never take the advice of anyone that you wouldn’t trade shoes with. Also, act immediately. Don’t sit there and keep thinking about the what ifs—it won’t get you anywhere.

 Q: How can people connect with you on social media?

LinkedIn: Sina Azari

Instagram: @ceoaccredited

Twitter: @ceoaccredited

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