5 Steps to Increase Customer Loyalty


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Customer loyalty is essential when it comes to sustaining and growing your business. When you provide service that goes above and beyond expectation, you’ve already completed the most crucial step. Here are five more steps to ensure that you don’t just make clients for a single transaction, but for life.

Build your value proposition

You make money by helping your clients, that much is obvious, but you still need to take the time to simplify your mission and turn it into something to live by. Boil it down to a few sentences, then commit it to memory like a prayer. Attention spans grow shorter by the minute. Having a clever, memorable blurb about your business keeps you top of mind.

Target people who need you

Never waste time marketing to people that don’t need your product or service. So much time and money is wasted trying to draw blood from a stone. Take all that energy, and focus it on finding the right people—prospects who need your help. When you solve problems for clients, instead of cajoling people into working with you, their gratitude will result in repeat business.

Provide immediate value

Figure out a way to provide upfront value with something free. This act ignites rapport and sets the reciprocity effect in motion. When you make a beeline for their wallet, they’re going to get defensive. Whether it comes in the form of local content, market information, or something as beautiful as one of our four personally branded magazines, get the ball rolling with a no-strings-attached sign of good faiths.

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Be available

One of the most frustrating parts about dealing with a service provider is having to put in work just to talk to them. Obviously you can’t be available 24/7, but when you go out of your way to lay down communication preferences and expectations, you set yourself up to be there when they need you.

Follow up forever

The last time you follow up with your client is when they pay their respects at your funeral. Follow-up never stops. Always remain consistent, always remain sincere, and always provide value.

If you take action on these tips, not only will you retain clients and make money, but you will create in-depth connections that will have a positive impact on your your life.

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