The Shocking Science of Giving

The notion of reciprocity in sales can carry a negative connotation. It might seem insincere to do something for a client or prospect hoping to receive something in return. Ulterior motives leave a bad taste in our mouth, because we place such a high premium on selflessness.


Don’t get me wrong, that brand of selfless altruism is beautiful. True generosity will always lead to some kind of reward, but let’s remember the underlying meaning of that oldest of adages, the good ol’ golden rule—treat others the way you want to be treated. 

This universal law goes hand in hand with the theory of reciprocity. It is woven into the fabric of our very nature and is the keystone of society. When someone does something for us, we are far more inclined to do something for them. There is nothing sleazy about it, nothing to be regarded as an underhanded scheme. It is one of the primary laws that governs the way we interact with one another.


This is the reason American Lifestyle magazine is such an incredible form of marketing. Instead of it being a thoughtless attempt at grabbing someone’s attention, it is regarded as a gift that families get to enjoy for hours on end. And while their cooking recipes and reading articles, they associate those lovely experiences with the person who sent it. As a result of that gratitude, they are happy to send more business in the direction of the person who went out of their way to do something for them.

And so the great wheels of reciprocity keep turning! Leverage this feeling of goodwill, and be proactive in your follow up. American Lifestyle magazine is the perfect catalyst for opportunity, it creates a reason to reach out to touch base and ask for referrals.