4 Surefire Ways to Reach Millennials in Real Estate


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Millennials have quickly become the largest generational group in the country, surpassing the baby boomers. What does this mean for REALTORS®? That there is an abundance of first-time home buyers that are perusing the market for an agent. To capitalize on this unmatched opportunity, REALTORS® must cater their marketing tactics to align with the needs of millennials.

Below are four ways to help you reach this technology-driven generation.

1. Go virtual
Millennials have grown-up in a technology-fueled world. They’re constantly connected and surrounded by smartphones and tablets. Chances are, they’ll check to see what type of content you post on social media. Share videos of tours and open houses on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Millennials are more likely to reach out if your content is engaging and catered to their liking.

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2. Customize it
If you use e-mail blasts and digital newsletters to share updates and new listings, make sure that they’re customized. Millennials have an eye for spotting generic content and will be turned off if it doesn’t contain a personal flair. Consider including their first name and a personalized talking point in the first few opening lines. New listings should be catered to their specific search preferences. This will show that you’re in tune with what they want, ultimately building trust.

3. Create a valuable website
Millennials crave information. The more they know, the less qualms they’ll have when making a decision. Your website should offer plenty of content to thoroughly educate them on the buying process. Develop a page that is specifically for first-time home buyers. Include a list of frequently asked questions, anything from a timeline to the ins and outs of a FHA loan. You can also provide eye-catching infographics.

4. Offer convenience
Millennials have been programmed to expect convenience. The faster, the better. Automated communication processes are almost a necessity when reaching out. Send text alerts of when a new listing that matches their criteria hits the market. Ensure that all necessary documents can both be signed and uploaded through an online portal.

Although this generation does not commit easily, including these tips in your marketing tactics can increase your chance of garnering millennial clients this season.

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