The 3 Most Effective Ways Financial Advisors Get New Prospects


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For financial advisors, generating a steady supply of new leads can be one of the toughest parts of the job.


Today on Above the Noise, ReminderMedia’s vice president of Sales and Client Success, Nick Bianco, offers three effective strategies advisors can use to connect with new prospects.

Video Transcription

When you’re a financial advisor, it can be tricky and challenging to find new leads—especially since you need to make sure that you’re compliant with industry regulations. But if you start to think outside the box, not only will it be simple, but you’ll also find there’s a lot of different ways you can connect with people that will generate leads for you.

Tip #1: Leverage your current client base.

It sounds so simple, but it’s the most effective way to generate new leads. Everybody knows somebody who can benefit from the services of a financial advisor, so make sure that you have the constant communication with your current client base to find out who that connection might be.

Tip #2: Look to your community.

There are tons of organizations that you can become a member of. Think about gyms. Think about civic organizations. Think about recreational organizations out there—country clubs and those sorts of things. Those people share the same hobbies and interests as you. Once you start building a relationship with them, not only will you get to know them, but you’re going to make sure you’re the first person that they think of when they or somebody they know need a new financial advisor.

Tip #3: Focus on seminars and workshops.

As a financial advisor, it’s your job to be the subject matter expert for your clients. There are so many different topics that fall under the umbrella of a financial advisor. Find the topic that you’re the most passionate about and become the subject matter expert in your community. Start to host seminars and workshops. Invite your current clients. And make sure that the only rule for them is that they have to bring a friend—somebody who you don’t know. Not only will that show your clients that you care—that you have their back and that you’re in their corner—but it’s going to let you start to broaden the relationships that you have and attract new clients to your business.

The takeaway

So, there you have it: 3 simple, yet effective practices that are going to help you attract new clients and grow your business today. If you liked this video, definitely make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. But, most importantly remember to take action today.

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