10 Tips for Managing and Motivating High-Performing Teams

Strong Teams Are Lead by Strong Leaders

Developing high-performing teams first requires highly skilled leaders.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of leadership is building, managing, and motivating effective teams. The skills required are numerous and not easily developed. From knowing how to communicate in ways that are clear and inspiring to developing relationships of mutual trust to resolving conflicts productively—the role of leadership is a truly demanding one that necessitates a careful, attentive hand. 

In this Silver Dollar episode, we reflect on our own experiences, offer the lessons we’ve learned, and share the advice of top experts to encourage leaders wanting to develop high-performing teams. Each of the following 10 suggestions contributes to an overall culture where people feel valued—and when people feel valued, they can achieve great things.

  1. Establish clear goals and expectations.
  2. Foster open and regular communication.
  3. Empower and trust your team.
  4. Recognize and appreciate achievements.
  5. Promote a positive and supportive environment.
  6. Encourage professional development.
  7. Provide opportunities for growth.
  8. Recognize and value work-life balance.
  9. Address conflict productively.
  10. Engage in continuous self-improvement.

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