How to Hire Incredible Team Members | 4 Tips

How to Hire the Right Person

When determining how to hire the right candidate, you should have a clear picture of what you are looking for, a consistent method for evaluating applicants, and questions whose answers you won’t find on a resume.

In this Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid, we’re sharing the hiring mistakes we’ve learned to avoid and what we believe are some of the most critical steps you can take to ensure you’ve got the right people in the right seats. Among these is ensuring you have a written rubric that you use consistently to evaluate every candidate. (If you don’t currently, we explain how to develop one). Importantly, we discuss how to incorporate into your rubric and assess the essential yet intangible aspects that help determine whether someone is the right “fit.”

When employers meet with candidates, they look for alignment beyond skills—values, culture, and interpersonal dynamics become the focus. It’s about finding someone whose professional demeanor, work style, and attitude resonate with the company’s ethos. In this sense, choosing the right person for the job becomes a hunt for a team member who can foster collaboration and contribute to a harmonious and productive work environment.

To help you know how to identify such a person, we discuss why it’s critical not to dismiss any warning signs (commonly called “red flags”) that may raise doubts about someone’s qualifications, integrity, or ability to thrive in the role. If you get the feeling that something is “off,” even if you can’t pinpoint what it may be, trust yourself. Don’t be tempted to turn red flags pink.

We also talk about four key areas and how we assess them when interviewing candidates: energy/passion, communication, motivation, and character. The emphasis on energy and passion underscores the importance of enthusiasm and commitment, while evaluating communication skills provides a glimpse into how well a candidate can convey ideas and collaborate. Their motivation indicates their drive to succeed and contribute, and their character reveals whether they align with the company’s values.

We hope you enjoy this episode and act on the advice Luke offers at the end. We’d also appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a 5-star review and comment on Apple Podcasts. (We read them on air!) Thanks for listening!

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