A Guide to Hiring the Best (and Not Just the Best Available)

Spotting Top Talent: How to Hire Right Every Time

Hiring the right talent is crucial for agency success, but it can be challenging. Find out about a comprehensive strategy for interviewing and hiring agents that uncovers true skill and not just what candidates think you want to hear.

Have you ever felt you missed the mark when hiring a new producer? (You wouldn’t be the first.) Today’s guest, Mike Stromsoe, tackles that very issue by sharing his proven system for identifying genuine talent and avoiding candidates who are merely good interviewers.

The founder of Unstoppable Profit Producer, Mike is a prolific author and seasoned independent agency owner with 35 years of industry experience. He empowers entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses and achieve financial success—and it all starts with hiring the right people.

Join us to discover:

  • A five-step interview process designed to uncover what truly matters, not just what candidates think you want to hear.
  • An insightful tip on involving the right team members in the interview process.
  • A powerful strategy that can position you to dominate your industry.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn from Mike’s expertise and gain the skills to consistently hire top talent who drive your agency’s success.

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