Ep. 440: How to Generate Leads from Facebook Groups Every Day

The Key to Growing Your Facebook Group

Key idea: While Facebook remains the best platform for building communities, businesses need a workable strategy that will increase membership in their Facebook groups without making excessive demands on their time.

You’ve likely heard that Facebook has gone all in on promoting the use of its groups as a way of “bringing the world together.”

Since 2019, Facebook has heavily invested in improving groups, adding new features and tools, and capitalizing on the sense of community they provided during social distancing.

But Facebook groups aren’t just for staying connected to friends and people who share the same interests.

Many smart businesses have made growing a sustainable Facebook group of engaged and loyal members a key component of their social media marketing strategy.

They are a way for businesses to enhance the customer experience, communicate with their current customers, and attract new ones.

But to achieve business success with Facebook groups, you need a workable strategy that will increase your group’s membership while still leaving you time to run your business. That’s why we’ve asked David and Elle Denning to talk with us this week on Stay Paid.

The premier Facebook group engagement strategy

David and Elle are two of the three cofounding members of Jumpstart Go, an organization whose mission is to help insurance agents grow profitable, sustainable businesses. A highly successful aspect of their marketing is their Facebook group, “Marketing for Insurance Agents.” With more than 30,000 members, it’s a community of high-producing agents and owners who rely upon each other to exchange and evaluate ideas and develop referral relationships.

During their interview, David and Elle talk about the lessons they learned when they first created their Facebook group and how they came to understand that it wasn’t the quantity of posts as much as it was the quality of each one that drew an audience.

A key turning point in the success of “Marketing for Insurance Agents” occurred when they committed to using Facebook Live as a way to engage their audience.

With the number of hours people now spend consuming video content online (it’s just short of seven hours a week), it only made sense for David and Elle to communicate with their target audience this way. In addition, Facebook’s new algorithm gives priority to posts that generate discussions, and, as reported by Search Engine Journal, “live videos generate on average six times more interactions than other videos.” 

Listen a David and Elle share their Facebook Live content strategy, the multiple ways they promote their live sessions, and at what point in your business’s growth it makes the most sense to launch a Facebook group.

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