Expired Listings: The Cash Cow of 2024

Thriving in a Changing Market: The Listing Agent Advantage and Strategies for Success

The future of real estate is uncertain, but you can discover how to thrive. Join us as we discuss expired listings, how to engage discouraged sellers, and the need for powerful partnerships.

The future of real estate is a hotly debated topic, with predictions ranging from dire to optimistic. One thing is undeniable—the industry is poised for significant change within the next decade.

In this week’s episode of Stay Paid, we speak with Ramon Casaus—author, podcast host, founder of ROC Real Estate Partners, and creator for Broke Agent Media (BAM)— who believes listing agents will have the advantage in this evolving landscape. He’s already shifted his focus to serve sellers exclusively, recognizing their ability to grow his business faster and with less effort.

Ramon also notes that as competition intensifies, there will be a greater need for real estate professionals to collaborate with powerful entities. His own firm recently partnered with PLACE, a real estate tech giant, which has enabled his team to sell an impressive 500 homes annually.

Join us to . . .

  • Unlock the power of expired listings. Discover how expired listings can be a potent accelerator for your business growth.
  • Master the art of engaging sellers. Learn a clever tactic to instantly establish trust and effortlessly initiate conversations with discouraged sellers.
  • Explore PLACE. Uncover how PLACE tackles two longstanding challenges that have plagued brokerages for years.

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