Ep. 62: Top Stay Paid Interview Episodes of 2018, Part 1

For Stay Paid podcast, 2018 was a year full of great conversations. Hosts Joshua Stike and Luke Acree picked the brains of thought leaders from a variety of industries—from real estate moguls and marketing experts to social media influencers and motivational speakers. So, if you’re looking for some priceless nuggets of wisdom, get ready. This week’s episode of Stay Paid includes highlights from four of 2018’s best interviews.

Eric Feng – Motivational Sales Speaker

“Until you become a somebody, nobody appreciates you.”

Key Point:

  • Before a person can give you their money, they need to give you their time.

Today, Eric Feng is respected far and wide for his compelling speeches on sales and marketing topics, but his reputation didn’t always precede him. He tells the story of his transition from “just another trainer” to a world-renowned expert in his field—providing proof that, in the world of business, nothing truly happens overnight.

Tiffany Beltran – REALTOR® Associate

“I was really good at telling my story.”

Key Point:

  • Never underestimate the power of the hustle.

Only two years into her career, Tiffany Beltran has established herself as a real estate star. She’s done this by building her personal brand on social media, tapping into tools like Instagram polls to keep her followers engaged. Beltran explains how she’s used non-real estate topics (such as her fitness goals and bodybuilding competitions) to draw attention to her business.

Colton Lindsay – Real Estate Sales Entrepreneur

“If I can’t build a long-term relationship with you, I am not going to do a deal with you.”

Key Point:

  • By delivering results consistently, you’ll earn more repeat business.

Colton Lindsay is widely recognized as a force in the world of real estate, but, like anyone else, he learned from his early mistakes. Lindsay talks about the importance of checking in regularly with customers, and how that can yield significant (and sometimes unexpected) benefits for you down the line.

Nick Ahren – Sales Partner

“One thing I do is create genuine, personal relationships.”

Key Point:

  • By showing that you are a real human being, you’ll build trust with customers.

Now boasting nearly 14,000 followers on Instagram, Nick Ahren has proven that social media can still be a great way to generate leads for free. He talks about the different ways he’s used Instagram to connect with people, as well as why it’s important to let followers see your quirks and flaws.

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