Interview with Tiffany Beltran: How to Brand Yourself on Social Media

Let’s face it: breaking into the real estate industry takes an immense amount of grit—something that rising star Tiffany Beltran knows all too well. Fortunately, her determination has paid off tenfold. In the past two years, she has not only closed an abundance of deals, but also has built a notable presence on Instagram.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke sit down with Tiffany, and ask her the ins and outs of just how she has taken both the branding and real estate world by storm in a short amount of time.

Key Points

  • The opportunity for a sale is everywhere
  • Having a personal campaign on social media is crucial
  • Reflecting in the morning helps to start your day off right

Who is Tiffany Beltran?

Born in Millville, NJ, Beltran believes that she was born with entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up, she did whatever she could to make and save money.

Flash forward a few years, and after graduating from Rider University with a BA in Public Relations, she moved to Miami and experienced wealth on a whole different level. Eventually, family brought her back to New Jersey, and she realized that she couldn’t find that type of wealth in an entry-level job. After growing close to an agent she met while working at a gym, she realized that she could not only find that type of wealth, but also a sense of freedom in real estate.

After getting her real estate license in New Jersey, she quickly realized that marketing was the way to go. She started posting heavily on social media to let everyone know of her career change. Her efforts paid off, and within a few months’ time she ranked number four out of 200 agents in her office.

With her sights set on Philadelphia, she eventually got her license in Pennsylvania, and has developed a profitable brand as the “celebrity agent” within the City of Brotherly Love.

Q: How did you start growing your business to produce leads and sales?

A: At first, I started posting heavily on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat—just telling my story. I also worked non-stop, seven days a week. I put in the time and made marketing a priority. I truly believe that’s what’s necessary to get clients and close deals. My third month into the business, I closed three deals. In fact, one deal came from social media. They saw my Keller Williams Mobile app on Facebook.

Q: What other things did you do to generate new leads?

A: For starters, I called every single number in my phone, and let everyone know that I was an agent. I constantly kept in touch with them. However, I did not door knock. Instead, every time I went somewhere, I used it as an opportunity for a potential sale. I would tell whoever I came in contact with that I was an agent and had a service to provide if they needed it. I told them to follow me on Facebook, and then stayed in front of them with content.

Q: How have you built your Instagram following?

I strongly recommend having your own personal campaign. I used fitness as a way to reach people. In fact, last year I competed in a bodybuilding competition and used it to leverage real estate content. People would see that I’m into fitness but I’m also an agent. It was a way to indirectly get someone’s attention. I tried my best to connect on a human level, and then turned it into a way to promote my brand.

Q: How do you engage on Instagram?

A: One tip is to use Instagram’s Poll feature. It’s a great way to really get your audience involved. Post simple questions that they can respond to. I asked my followers if they would rather buy or rent? Then I reached out to everyone who responded that they would rather rent. I provided value and educated them on how buying can be a better decision.

Q: What is your biggest challenge today in real estate?

A: Leverage. I’m currently working on building a team. I’m hiring an assistant, a buyer’s agent, and a showing agent. After doing this by myself for a few years, it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the admin work.

Q: What systems do you use in your business?

A: I use a CRM to funnel all of my leads and to take notes. I also use my mobile app and have my own website. However, my biggest source has been social media. I post every day on Instagram Stories. While it might not be directly on my page, I’m constantly updating my story. On Facebook, I post a positive quote in the morning, and check in to let people know that I’m active.

Q: Do you have goals that you set for yourself this year?

A: My personal goal is to do $3 million in volume. Right now, I’ve done $1.7 million. It’s been a rough winter from transitioning from New Jersey to Philadelphia, but I’m shooting for five transactions per month.

Q: What advice do you have for a new agent? Would you have done anything differently?

A: I’m not sure if I know what I would have done differently. But, what I do recommend is to find your niche. Find a campaign because there’s a very good chance that you have the same interests as potential prospects. If you can convey this in your story, people will relate to you and that can turn into business.

Q: What do you do every day that contributes to your success?

A: I start early in the morning and get to the gym by six. I do cardio and listen to an audiobook. Once I’m home, I read my Daily Stoic, and share it on Instagram. Then I go out for the kill, and lead gen. I hit the phones and make sure that I’m active on social media.

Q: Where can you connect with Tiffany?



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