Ep. 484: 4 Ways to Make Relationships the Bedrock of Your Business

4 Easy Ways to Get Clients in Real Estate

By far, the easiest way to get clients in real estate is through referrals. But to do that, you need to consistently nurture relationships with past clients and the people in your database.

Stacy Allwein, this week’s Stay Paid guest, has been an agent for 20 years. She’s made serving her clients and community her top priority and business strategy—and it’s a strategy that works. Along with her team, which includes her son, she’s sold properties totaling more than $57 million with the majority of her clients coming to her through referrals.

During her interview, Stacy shares four ways she nurtures relationships with the people in her sphere:

  • Pop-bys
  • Warm calls
  • Client events
  • Geo farming

These lead-gen strategies are familiar to most real estate agents, so it’s not their uniqueness that makes them effective. Rather, it’s the consistency of her activity and the personal touch she infuses her efforts with that make them incredibly powerful.

When you listen, you’ll get a long list of specific examples you can draw from to plan your own relationship-nurturing activities. You’ll also hear Stacy explain exactly how she executes her strategy—from leaving her car running during a pop-by as a sign that she can’t stay long to decorating the town circle with flags for Independence Day.

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