Ep. 461: How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

You Don’t Have to Fear Public Speaking

Few people are completely comfortable with public speaking, but you can gain the skills that will help you speak well every time—and keep your fears at bay.

Public speaking is something many people dread, whether they’re standing in front of a small group or a large audience. But while it may appear to be a skill you’re either born with or without, it’s actually something you can learn and improve with practice and dedication.

In this Silver Dollar episode, we reveal the tricks of the trade that every skilled public speaker knows, including:

  • Preparation: Getting up in front of others to give a speech or presentation is much like being a professional musician. If you practice what you are going to say often and long enough, it becomes a memorized routine you can fall back on even when your nerves are threatening to get in the way.
  • Hooks: Don’t fall back on dry statistics that might zap your audience’s interest. To engage them and keep them interested, you need to weave stories and examples into your talk. Listen in to discover one tactic that might seem like it would insult your listeners but instead is a very clever way to draw them in.
  • Delivery: This is everything when speaking in front of others. If you learn to master your body language, intonation, and pace, you’ll have your listeners hanging on your every word.

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