Ep. 454: 5 Life-Balancing, Business-Growing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Business Transformations: Smart Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Don’t let the idea that your real estate business is “too small” stop you from making smart investments that will increase your efficiency, augment the professionalism of your brand, and reward your clients for their loyalty. In each case, the ROI will be substantial.

In the almost two years since Shannon Gillette was last on Stay Paid, she’s ranked among the top 12 agents in the Phoenix area. Much of her recent success can be attributed to five decisions she’s made that have transformed her business:

  • Hiring a coach and a virtual assistant
  • Joining a new brokerage
  • Hosting a client event every month
  • Investing in professional videography
  • Creating a genius video strategy that is producing outstanding results

In this episode, Shannon shares her thoughts about these decisions, how she’s executed her plans, the benefits these changes have produced, and the details of her game-changing video strategy. It’s a revelatory episode, and one you’ll want to listen to with pen and paper in hand. Here, we offer highlights of our discussion on why she finally decided to hire a virtual assistant.

You call this a life of freedom?

Entrepreneurs of all types are motivated, in part, by the promise of freedom that being their own boss offers. But, as too many have discovered, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the demands of running a business. It doesn’t take long for the uninitiated to feel that freedom they desired quickly slipping away.

Real estate agents, in particular, know this too well. Many start out believing they can do it all, that their business is too small to warrant an assistant, and that working from sunrise to sunset seven days a week is simply what it takes to succeed. Shannon certainly did, until she took a step back and realized that she was a wife and mom and needed to improve the quality of her life both for her own sake and for her family’s.

She had reservations about getting a coach, believing they would tell her to do things like make cold calls and knock on doors—which she’s never done because she built her business a different way. But the coach Shannon hired understood her needs and, in her words, “really changed my life.”

The first thing she advised Shannon to do was to figure out her hourly rate and then hire a virtual assistant to handle the tasks that were consuming her highly valuable time.

So she hired a part-time VA, though she didn’t believe there was enough work she needed help with. But within a week, she moved them to full-time. Since then, her Philippines-based VA has transformed her business, freeing Shannon to do the things that only she can do. Her VA manages her YouTube channel, builds property websites, and much more.

And now? Shannon says, “I can’t believe the littlest thing could make such a difference in my life—to have that freedom where I now can spend time with my family.”

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