Ep. 400: The 4 Most Lucrative Calls Entrepreneurs Can Make

Tips for Cold Calling and Other Sales Calls

Key idea: In every industry, sales is a contact sport. Making phone calls to prospects, clients, business partners, and people in your sphere is part of the job of a salesperson. We help make it easier with tips for making better calls.

This week, we’re helping to put sales professionals—regardless of their specific industry—in a great position for a hugely successful 2023.

The key is to have real conversations with four key groups of people:

  • Prospects you want to target;
  • Current clients (because all clients are current clients);
  • Business partners you have and who you want to connect with; and
  • People in your sphere of influence.

During this Silver Dollar episode, we explain the important contribution each of these groups makes to the success of your business—and how you can approach each in ways that build relationships.

As for tips to use when calling, we share some of our favorites. Among the best tips we can offer for making productive cold calls is don’t go into it trying to close in one call.

Seriously. Put the idea out of your head.

Here’s why . . . if you go into a call with someone who doesn’t know you from Adam, and you try to close a deal in the first call, it’s like trying to shoot the winning basket at the buzzer.

If making the deal is your goal, then you’re going into it with the wrong mindset. Still, it’s what so many sales professionals do to themselves, and when they get rejected—which happens way more than half the time—they get discouraged.

No wonder the rate of follow-up calls among sales professionals is so low: they get shot down the first time, and who wants to relive that feeling?

Yes, there are dozens of different things you can do to increase your chances of closing on the first call (we’ve got more than a few episodes about how). And it’s true that our own sales team at ReminderMedia is encouraged to have a “one-call mentality.” But, in all fairness, that’s a reference to our passion, not our goal.

Our advice is to make cold calls with the intention of finding out your prospects’ problems and discovering whether you can help them. That’s it.

It’s when you stop worrying about your commission that you start making some real money.

Other tips we mention during the course of this, our 400th episode, include:

  • The times when you should and should not make your calls.
  • Why you should watch cold calls on YouTube (and which channels to watch).
  • Five reasons you can use to make a call.
  • The kind of business partners to connect with.
  • What to say when you haven’t called in a while.

Please enjoy this episode, and we’d appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a 5-star review and comment on Apple Podcasts.

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