Ep. 377: Killer Instagram Tips from Millie Adrian (@itsmodernmillie)

Instagram Tips

Whether you want to grow your Instagram followers or discover the best time to post on Instagram, our guest has the inside track.

Who should listen: This episode is for Instagram users, regardless of experience, who are looking for ways to optimize their accounts.

Key idea: The best way—perhaps the only way—to ensure an Instagram tip or tactic works for you and your audience is to test it.

We’re big fans of this week’s Stay Paid guest. We’ve been following Millie Adrian, a.k.a. @itsmodernmillie, on Instagram and have implemented many of her tips for our own account, @StayPaidpodcast. In this episode, she shares her insights as an influencer about everything from how long your captions should be to how to avoid burning out when creating content.

In these show notes, we want to share just a bit of what Millie has to say about creating content for Instagram. Her creative process is one we haven’t heard before, but we love it, and it’s easy for anyone to replicate.

Creating content for Instagram

Among professional bloggers and social media content creators, there is a saying: content is king. Essentially, the saying is to remind these professionals and those who work with them that regardless of images, music, captions, and other aspects of a post, if the content (that is, your message) isn’t holding your audience’s attention, nothing else matters.

But creating content day after day can be difficult.

Even the most popular social media influencers and best bloggers can sometimes struggle. We do. Our show notes writer does. And so does Millie, but her creative process helps her push through.

What makes Millie’s process so valuable is its structure and practical steps. Too often, creative types wait for inspiration to strike before they move forward. Well, those of us on a deadline can’t wait, simply hoping that our muse will turn up.

You will hear all the details of her process when you listen to her interview, but what follows is a high-level overview.

Millie’s creative process

She starts with defining her content and value pillars.

Content pillars are the topics around which you build your business.

If you are a real estate agent, select three to five topics within the universe of real estate that you know super well, your audience shows the most interest, or that suit your niche. Those are your content pillars. Financial advisors would choose topics in their profession. The same with mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, dentists, roofers . . . whatever your profession, select your topics from your universe of subjects.

Value pillars are the perspectives you bring to your content.

Content that will grow Instagram followers, other social media audiences, or blog readers, and earn you likes, engagement, and shares is content that people find valuable. Millie defines valuable content as either:

  • educational
  • entertaining
  • inspirational
  • relatable

Once she selects a content pillar, she runs it through each of the four value pillars. The process produces four pieces of content from the same topic. She then publishes her content, rotating among the four perspectives.

Here’s an example of how her process might work:

Content pillar: Grow Your Instagram


Pretty easy, right?

Try Millie’s process the next time you sit down to create content for your Instagram or other social media accounts. See if it wards off writer’s block for you!

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