Ep. 349: The Stress-Free IG Strategy that Keeps Producing Leads (with Chad Vaughan)

This Agent’s Only Instagram Marketing Strategy Is to Be Consistent, Helpful, and Himself—and It Works

Who should listen: Real estate agents and others who are looking for a simple “you-do-you” lead-generating Instagram strategy that is easy to implement and sustain.

Key idea: Everyone is in a different place when they consume content, so your content will resonate with different people at different times. Consequently, don’t overthink what you are doing; just be consistent.

Even before Chad Vaughan took his exam to become a licensed real estate agent, he was using Instagram to deliver value to potential leads.

While taking his license prep classes and working full time, he spent his coffee and lunch breaks dissecting information he was receiving about real estate and posting it in digestible chunks that the average homebuyer and seller could understand.

From the beginning, he knew that while he was working, there was no better way to get in front of a potentially infinite audience than to use social media. The organic traffic he received provided him with his first clients and today, his Instagram marketing strategy still supplies him with the majority of his leads.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Chad shares what his early content was like, how he uses polls to start conversations, and the questions he asks to get prospects offline and into voice-to-voice discussions.

We also talk with Chad about the popularity of his Instagram Reels. (Watching his reels is how Luke found Chad.) His success boils down to three things: consistency, value, and authenticity.

Be consistent

Early on, Chad made the decision that social media would be the cornerstone of his business—it’s how he generates leads. He describes social media as his office, and if he isn’t online, then he hasn’t shown up for work.

He spends much of his time researching what’s trending in real estate, what videos get the most engagement, what topics are generating interest, and the like. He doesn’t post multiple reels a day, and rarely does he record more than one at a time. Instead, he records one reel for each day of the week, Monday through Friday.

Be helpful

People follow Chad on Instagram for the highly valuable real estate information he provides. As a result, the majority of his content isn’t about his personal life or attempts to be entertaining. Instead, he educates his audience with helpful, evergreen, shareable information they can use to make good decisions.

Be yourself

Once you’ve seen a few of Chad’s Instagram Reels, it may surprise you to learn that he records most of them off-the-cuff. He knows his information well, so it is easy and feels more natural to him to use the raw video with some trending audio.

He doesn’t use any fancy equipment either—it’s just him and his phone. For Chad, Instagram is about keeping it simple and authentic.

The take-away

What’s interesting about how Chad uses social media to market his real estate business is the matter-of-fact way in which he approaches it.

You’ll hear him say that there is no rhyme or reason to why some tactics work, and others do not.

He also says there is no point in overthinking what he does as long as he’s consistent, passionate, and authentic.

Furthermore, no matter how few the number of people who see his content, it’s still a greater number of people who would have seen it had he not posted. In his opinion, that’s a victory.

Finally, as long as he keeps coming from a place of wanting to provide value, he knows that the metrics will follow.

His success generating leads from Instagram proves his point.

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